Parent Comments
Student Comments

“My daughter has been a student of Sir Zaheer for the past 3 years and during that time she has gone from strength to strength. She completed her GCSE's with A*s and A's and currently predicted to achieve A* for A levels too. I can safely say that anyone attending Sir Zaheer's tuitions is set on the path of success.”

Shahenaz Luchmun, Leyton, London


“Excellent and professional tuition centre. Zaheer is extremely dedicated in his work and he thoroughly prepared my daughter for her GCSE exams.”

Naveed Ahmed, Leyton, London


“Sir Zaheer made my son more confident in his subjects. Sir Zaheer is a natural teacher. He knows his job very well. He has always shown concern for his students' progress and has always been ready to help them.”

Zayd Yaqub, Chingford, London


“Sir Zaheer has been an outstanding teacher and a mentor to my son during his GCSE period. He believed in my son which helped his confidence and stretched him to work harder. He also put his own personal time for extra booster lessons to help my son catch up with the his curriculum needs. I am will always be thankful to him for what he has done for my son.”

Zakera Pirbhai, Leytonstone, London


“I've had my children, aged 8 and 12, attending Achievers' Academy for past two years now and have seen great improvements in their confidence and competence. The reason why I chose Achievers' Academy is due to the fact that Mr Zaheer Abbas Rizvi - the lead tutor - is an experienced and qualified teacher in a Secondary School in the local borough. Therefore, the syllabus and the teaching materials provided by his centre are always relevant and sufficiently stretching the abilities of my children.”

Akmal Syed, Upper Walthamstow, London

“Sir Zaheer has been an excellent tutor for my GCSE Mathematics  - June 2017 exam - and it was his teaching that I got a grade 8 and I can confidently say that I feel enriched in my numeracy skills. All thanks to Sir Zaheer.”

Hope Faith, Walthamstow School for Girls, Walthamstow


“As a student of Sir Zaheer's throughout my GCSE and A-Level studies, I can say with confidence that he is a knowledgeable and skilled individual who has the best interest of his students at heart. He has an excellent grasp of the academic curriculum over a range of subjects and his teaching has allowed me to reach my highest potential in the Sciences, Maths and English with all A*s that I am proud of.”

Cisel Ozbay, Parliament Hill High School, Camden


“I joined Sir Zaheer's tuitions for help in GCSE Science and Maths as I just didn't understand the subjects at all. However, only after a month, the scientific and mathematical concepts and ideas, which made me run away from the subjects, started making sense and I have developed, what I feel, an everlasting interest in those subjects. I honestly cannot recommend him enough as he goes above and beyond in making sure his students get the best possible understanding.”

Aisha Goplani, The Latymer School, Edmonton


“When I started my tuitions with Sir Zaheer in year 11, I thought I was very late in joining him since I had a daunting syllabus of Triple Science and the whole of Mathematics to be covered in just ten months. However, Sir Zaheer's  systematic focus groups and effectively planned lessons helped me not only cover the entire syllabus in greater depth but also achieve an A grade in all my Sciences and an A* in Maths.”

Mohamed Patel, Kelmscott, Walthamstow


“5 years of tuitions with Sir Zaheer have been an exciting journey of my life. From when I was in year 9 in Secondary School to A levels, Sir Zaheer has been my mentor, my teacher and a guide for English, Maths and Sciences all this time.  He helped me achieve my aspirational targets in GCSE with 3A's and 2A*s. Thank you sir for helping me shape my career.”

Usamah Shahzad, Ilford County High School, Barkingside