At Achievers' Academy we provide tuition for English, Mathematics & Sciences at Key Stages 1-3, GCSE and A levels.

Each lesson lasts for two hours. Students usually sit with their SME - Subject Matter Expert who is responsible for their learning and development. At the start of the course students are given a check list which is a compilation of the skills that need to be developed over a period of time for each subject of their choice and students along with their SME work their way down the checklist to ensure their systematic growth and progression. 

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How do the lessons at Achievers' Academy work?
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What subjects can I get help with?
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Each lesson would consist of detailed yet simplified explanation of a topic and following the explanation, the pupils are made to demonstrate their  understanding by answering the questions on the worksheets. These worksheets are carefully prepared to ensure that they include questions which are in line with the assessment objectives for that particular topic and closely replicate the exam style.

Furthermore, upon completion of every unit or a chapter, pupils are tested, test scores are recorded and communicated directly to the parents on a fortnightly basis. Here again, the questions in the test papers are carefully cherry - picked to not only replicate the exam style, but to also stretch the pupils and make them earn every mark.

How is my progress reviewed and measured?

At Achievers' Academy, our competence lies in the way we tackle differentiation. Focus Groups is one such way. A typical focus group will consist of students with same exam boards, same curriculum needs and similar learning abilities grouped together. This ensures uniform teaching and learning for the entire two hour period. 

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What is a GCSE Focus Group?
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How big is the group in a typical lesson?

We maintain a ratio of 4-5 pupils with 1 Subject Matter Expert for our regular lessons. Also, the students are placed according to their curriculum needs and learning abilities to ensure uniform learning and progression.

What academic resources are provided by the centre to a student?
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We at Achievers' Academy provide custom-made resources for all the subjects and all the levels we teach. Workbooks, Revision Notes, Exam Paper Packs etc. are all provided at no extra cost to the students.