Chemistry paper Crash Course
Chemistry paper Crash Course

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Classroom 1

Chemistry paper Crash Course
Chemistry paper Crash Course

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Our Results:
Proven Success: 90%
grade improvement;
75% higher test scores

Over 76% of the GCSE students enrolled for the academic year 2016-17 learning the new specification English Language, Literature and Mathematics received a grade 7 or higher.

Over 69% of the GCSE students enrolled for the academic year 2016-17 for Double or Triple award Sciences received a grade A or higher.

Our Expertise:
We are not just tutors, but Subject Matter Experts in the field of numeracy and literacy

Our competence lies in tutoring pupils at Key stages 1-3, GCSEs and A – Levels by developing custom made learning plans and resources for each independent student to ensure their academic progression alongside their skills consolidation.

Our Lessons:
Different students require different approaches to Learning

Focus Group Style: Small groups with a maximum of 4 - 5 students to 1 Subject Matter Expert. These groups are carefully organised and structured according to uniformity in exam boards and or syllabus to counter differentiation so each pupil experiences maximum value addition every lesson.


However, we at Achievers’ Academy fully comprehend that different students require different approaches to learning; hence our Subject Matter Experts employ a variety of tools and techniques for customized planning, teaching and assessing in their lessons to cater to the varied needs of each individual child.

Our Vision:

To foster academic excellence by continuously enriching numeracy and literacy skills of the pupils and develop independent and resilient learners.


To read some success stories of our ‘Achievers’ click here.

2017/2018 GCSE RESULTS

Syeda Kiran Zehra

George Mitchell

PHY – 8, CHEM – 8, BIO - 8 MATHS – 7, ENG  8 - 8

Aisha Goplani

Latymer School

PHY – 9, CHEM – 9, BIO - 8 MATHS – 8, ENG 7 - 8

Zayd Yaqub

Lantern of Knowledge

Comb Sciences 9 – 9 MATHS – 9, ENG 7 - 6

Abdur Rahman M


Comb Sciences 9 – 8 MATHS – 8

Sidra Chaudhry

Walthamstow School for Girls

Comb Sciences 9 - 8, MATHS – 7, ENG 6 - 8

Yousuf Bhaimed

Lantern of Knowledge

Comb Sciences 9 – 9 MATHS – 9, ENG 6 - 7

Zam Zam Nur

Eden Girls

Comb Sciences 8 – 7

 ENG  6 - 7

Abdi Rahman  Hashi

Park View Secondary

PHY – 9, CHEM – 8, BIO - 8 MATHS – 8, ENG  6 - 8


  Sir Zaheer has been an exceptional tutor to my 3 children. Ziyaad achieved 7A* and 6A’s for his GCSE's and Saihaan achieved an A* in mathematics in year 9.  



— Salma Sumra, Chingford, London

      Sir Zaheer Abbas Rizvi’s tuitions are the best decision I made for my children. My elder son has been attending Sir Zaheer’s tuitions since year 10 (he’s in University now), and he achieved 3As in Sciences, A for Mathematics, A for English Language and A* for English Literature with full marks (120/120) in his final GCSE exams. Also, my younger son achieved an A grade for all his sciences and grade 7 for mathematics last year.



— Muhammed Suba Ibn Nozir, Forest Gate, London

    Sir Zaheer had tutored my two daughters for 3 years in Maths, English, Physics and Chemistry. She has achieved A* in Sciences, Maths and English Literature. Cannot thank him enough for what he has made my girls achieve!



— Ayhan Ozbay, Crouch Hill, London

   As a student of Sir Zaheer's throughout my GCSE and A-Level studies, I can say with confidence that he is a knowledgeable and skilled individual who has the best interest of his students at heart.



— Cisel Ozbay, Parliament Hill High School